happy spring imbolcThis week many people around the world celebrated Imbolc, a pagan festival marking the beginnings of Spring. The word Imbolc means ’sheep’s milk’ as this would be when sheep would start lactating in preparation for their lambs.

For the past few years, I’ve considered this to be the start of my new year. It’s no wonder that we struggle with resolutions and goals whilst still in the depths of winter! Much of nature is either in hibernation, rest or in seed. In the cycle of life this is inertia.

Then comes February.

Whilst for most of the northern hemisphere, the coldest of the weather is still yet to come,  we can also see signs of nature awakening.

Snowdrops appear, blossom is in bud and the days are notably getting longer.

For me this is a magical time.

If we can align ourselves, even slightly with the sheer force of Mother’s Nature’s rebirth, she can give us new hope, new ideas and resources to create our own new beginnings.

In these times of political uncertainty, where everywhere we turn we see fear, division and  even grieving for the loss of what was or what we seem to be losing, Imbolc gives us the opportunity to look within ourselves. To recognise that everything we see on the outside is part of a cycle. Just like the changes of the seasons, the uncertainty we feel is just a passing moment. In looking within, we can find peace, hope and infinite choice about how we feel. We can find our own natural creative force in how we design our life and live the values we hold on to.imbolc sheep's milk

This will have a profound effect on our relationships, our children’s beliefs and ultimately our world. There might never have been a more challenging time to stay hopeful. But rising to that challenge can teach us new coping skills and opportunities to shine.

When we align ourselves with nature we have the opportunity to see the connections we have with all forces, including our personal power. In connecting with this force, we can learn how to go with the flow of all of this cycle and still maintain our light and happiness.

We can remember the many gifts that we still have – shelter, water, food and clothing. Most of us I assume, don’t live in fear of being shot, fatal disease or pollution.

In the force of nature’s rebirth, we can join the plants in their growth, expansion and their reaching towards the light. We too can open and reach upwards rather than remaining sad and in the dark. That can be a very lonely place!

This isn’t about forgoing our values and morals. It’s setting an example to our friends and family, especially our young, that all is not lost. We can teach them that certain values are not acceptable but that life has to go on. That we as individuals have to let go of our disappointment for now and realise that every day can still hold so much joy, peace and love. That we still have the right to chose how we feel and how we communicate with others.

I have written before that FEAR and LOVE cannot exist in the same place.

What do you chose for yourself today? For the next hour? Or even the next few minutes?

Get your anger, frustration, fear, worries, disappointment out. I’m not suggesting that you suppress them. Give yourself time to release (I have a complete toolbox for this!) so that you can resume the business of joyful living, your birthright.

In your breath all is well.

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