Happy Mother’s Day

Today is a very special day whether you still have your mum around or whether you have your own kids to spoil you. And if you have neither, we can always consider this day for our super Mother Earth and all her gifts. It’s a great day for showing gratitude. 

Whether we’re a mum, a daughter, a niece or a sister, we all need to remember to show ourselves some self-care and love, regularly. It wasn’t until after my mum passed away that I realised how little she gave to herself. The learning for me has been a sad but valuable one.

You can only care for anyone equally or less than you care for yourself. 

I have an excerpt from my book Body MAGIC! – a Blissful End to Emotional Eating. The chapter is about meditation and in this part of the Chapter, I describe my journey to finding the benefits of meditation through my mother’s life.

You may find the passage quite sad but it has a hidden message for you to give yourself some self-care EVERY day.

This, in turn, has a profound effect on your whole world…

Taken from BodyMAGIC! – Chapter Five

mothers love flowers“And then the bomb dropped – my mum passing away from cancer. I knew it was stress that caused the dis-ease that eventually killed her. She had to find her peace in another world. I didn’t want to follow in her emotional footsteps or have my daughter follow in mine.

In those dark grief-filled days, I started to ask some pretty harsh questions:

– was I partly to blame? She worried about me and my siblings constantly
– was she happy? She often expressed that she wished things were different
– did she eat well, exercise well? She was bought up in a meat-and-two-veg culture with puddings and cakes, every day. She considered housework to be her exercise
– did she rest well? She was always saying she was tired
– did she have a personal practice? She always said she never had enough time for herself
– did she have any hobbies, creative avenues? She never had interests of her own, even when we kids left home, preferring to do stuff with my dad, who did have his own interests but not what she particularly liked. Mum did like the garden, knitting and reading historical romance. She used them to escape.
– did she have a spiritual practice? Although she married into the Catholic church, she never really embraced any faith or spirituality

Can you see a pattern here?

It hurts me to write it and see it for myself. She did have a choice, as we all do. We need to understand our energy resources and their limits. The hard truth is that if we don’t take gentle care of ourselves, we will get sick – either mentally or physically.

The mind and body are absolutely and irrevocably linked. What happens in one, instantly affects the other. The good news is that both mind and body are pretty awesome. They can take a huge amount of self-abuse over many years before they become really ill.

One of the most profound things we can do to redress the balance and turn a monumental corner in our health, healing and happiness, is to meditate.”

Going Forward With Meditation and Deep Healing

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This might be the beginning of a whole new YOU!

Wishing you love this Mother’s Day and every day

Chinmayi x


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