Don’t Wait For 2018!!

We spend a lot of time looking forward.  Especially in this coming season, as we approach our resolutions and plans for the next year, work budget and targets, personal goals like holiday and home plans.

But barring new years resolutions for a moment, it seems that every time I hit any of the social media channels I see it:   

Can’t wait until…I’m going to 

I’ll be so happy when…because then I’ll 

Be glad when this day is over…it will be 

This is going to be a tough one…after, I’m going to  

I don’t know how I got through today…it’s nearly time for  

The clock is moving very slow today…when it’s 7pm I’ll etc etc

If we could finish these sentences with I’m going for a massage, to a yoga class, to meditate or to make myself a smoothie, then I would have nothing to write about.

Sadly, usually these posts write about meals out, wine, beer or chocolate cake. In the run up to Christmas, we can let our better intentions slide in favour of the many indulgences on offer, promising ourselves that we’ll make amends after the new year. 

Resolutions For Excitement 

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to get excited. It can free us from fear and fill us with so much joy. We become child-like. Like coming down to a decorated tree on Christmas morning.

Some days are total pants, of course. Usually the ones that we weren’t expecting to be.

But even then, we have a choice about how we react. 

Let’s not lose sight of the moment.

We choose our experience don’t we? We choose our lifestyle, our relationships and how we want to take care of ourselves. 

And in this moment, we can choose to feel some magic, whatever is happening. 

If we are living a fun-filled life of memorable experiences with friends and family and if we feel that we have a purpose in this life, whether through our job or home life, we sure have a deep-rooted need to enjoy every moment.

Even the shitty ones have some treasure, maybe a lesson, a signal or a blessing. 

At this time of year, it’s so easy to be thinking forward and in a state of stress:  

Christmas plans – School Activities – End of year work pressures Over indulgences at parties and gatherings – Body image issues   and dare I say…  New Years Resolutions? 

How about some End of Year Resolutions? 

Let’s have a resolve for your health healing and happiness.

Not January my friend, but NOW!  

This week, schedule some time for yoga right up until 2018 and don’t let yourself sabotage it for anyone.

Find a weekly class, get up 30 minutes earlier and do your own practice or find an evening when you have the house to yourself and find one you like on YouTube. 

Here’s one I prepared earlier!  

Just click this link:  

The password is BeginYogin 

Nine reasons why you’ll be glad you did this :   


  1. Yoga brings your awareness back to yourself, your physical body, your mind and your soul 
  2. It helps you to sleep better and for longer 
  3. Asana (yoga poses) detoxify your whole body – why carry the season’s toxins all the way into January before you start up your practice again? 
  4. You can feel good all the way through the winter, including Christmas!
  5. Pranayama (energy and breathing practice) raises your vital force – that’s more physical energy, sharper mental focus and an awesome immune system (yes, that’s why we tend to get more colds between December and February, than any other time)
  6. You’ll feel more mindful, about your food and fluid intake. You’ll have less “f**k it” moments which end up at the refridgerator
  7. You might not feel the need to punish yourself with a strict regime to get “back on track” in January 
  8. Your family and friends will love the calm, fun and friendly you!
  9. Christmas will be a sparkly, magical memory you’ll treasure always

My yoga teacher Vishvketu has three words for how we might aspire to live. I remember them often when life seems to be leaping from one big event to another…  




I sometimes think I should have them tattooed on my arm so that I don’t forget! 

How I can help YOU! 

Would you like to have a different experience this year?  

I’m opening my LifeMAGIC! online coaching programme this week so that you can have a hand to hold throughout the Christmas period and beyond.

I promise you that it can be the best Festive Season ever for you. No matter who or where you are.  

It may be the best gift you have given yourself ever and a Christmas you’ll never forget.

Simply because you experienced it differently.  

Spaces are limited as I look after you myself.  

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